Summary of the Activities in 1999

Reconstruction of East Amadiya
Repatriation of Kurdish farming families in the villages from Sarke to Dihike, primary school in Sarke, rural out-patient centre for domestic refugees

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Person in charge: 1998-1999
AVADAN & the affected families
BMZ, federal state of Lower Saxony
DM 644,163.00
(davon 68% BMZ, 7,5% Lower Saxony,24,5% DhK)
DM 318,874.99

Hasan Sinemillioglu
Starting Point

The destroyed Kurdish villages should be reconstructed, also in the subdistrict Amadiya. However, the farmers who should and want to return to their villages do not have the means to reconstruct the villages by themselves. The families are poor and do not have the ability to create a new life for themselves. There is a lack of housing, farming equipment, irrigation plants and institutions for education and health care.

In the villages Sarke, Xasto, Xasto Aliya, Latka, Mille Meydane, Kola and Dihike the families who are willing to return were to be supported by construction of housing, irrigation plants and animals, so that they can start the reconstruction of their villages. Furthermore, a primary school was to be built for Sarke, Xasta and Xasto Aliya.

Target Group

160 families consisting of 950 people who originally come from these villages and 60 children from the villages Sarke, Xasto and Xasto Aliya; 320 families from the area of Welati Jeri who currently live in tents.


Construction of housing, distribution of livestock in the villages Xasto, Xasto Aliya, Latka, Mille Meydane, Kola and Dihike;

Primary school for the 60 children from Sarke, Xasto and Xasto Aliya and

Support for the rural out-patient centre for the refugees from the area Welati Jeri.