DhK – Dortmunder helfen in Kooperation e. V. – is a non-profit organisation that has been supporting people in Northern Iraq / Kurdistan since 1991 . Citizens of Dortmund including Kurdish people who had left their home country and were now living in Dortmund founded DhK as an initiative for the reconstruction of villages in Northern Irq whose inhabitants had fled their homes during Gulf War I.

In response to each new emergency that occurred in the project region DhK developed new programmes:


In this section we will regularly inform about current developments in the project region and about the activities of DhK.

DhK Scholarship Program meets great demand.
The recent call for applications to the DhK Scholarship Program has encountered great response: 613 applications have been received. more

New publication on permanent life in refugee camps
Hasan Sinemillioglu, Salah Khudeda and Furat Kuti: The Êzîdî and the Permanent Life in the Refugee Camps. in: TRIALOG, vol. 140/141, 2022, pp. 30-37

COVID-19 victim among our scholars
Dakhil Saydo Hamo informed DhK on Aug. 5, 2021 that „one of the students that DhK supported since 2018 died last week due to coronavirus. Unfortunately, his older brother also died in the same day due to coronavirus. His brother left behind two children and a wife. And his parent is in a serious condition also.“

Families back in Sinjar
The city of Sinjar, which had lost all Yazidi inhabitants through eviction or deportation, has been „`´recaptured. One of our scholars reported: „Hello, my name is NN, one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship provided by DHK. Thank you very much for your continuous support. I now live with family in Sinjar. Life here is beautiful despite the difficulties because we live among our family, relatives and friends. The services here are not as required, yet we are continuing. Thank you so much for Dhk team.“

Large fire in Yazidi refugee camp near Dohuk
1000 people have lost everything. DhK is prepared to help (Spendenaufruf; in German only).

The new Letter to our Supporters is now online (Spendenbrief 2020; in German only).